petak, 8. veljače 2013.

Home, sweet home

I was at work, came home at the evening. My Erin was playing, i maked dinner and Robbi was baking. He made cookies and me pizza. Erin is always in the move with music from MTV, just loves that. We all enjoy in her dance. She' s singing and dancing all the time. When she get' s tired and goes to bed, we have a little time for our selves. Kiss

srijeda, 30. siječnja 2013.

Fun at home

The best time of the day is when I come home from work. I just love when i get that kiss from my daughter and my husband. The best feeling ever. Than my little one start her tour threw all house. Today she was like karate kid. Fun!

ponedjeljak, 28. siječnja 2013.

Have a nice day!

The things we are doing during the day, every day is fun. Erin is always exploring. Always jumping arond the house, playing, dancing and making us all laugh. So, have a nice day like I do!

subota, 26. siječnja 2013.

The day at home

I just got home, and that' s my dear family. Erin is runing threw all house and singing! Every day is like that.